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Why am I hiking the Appalachian Trail? | Destination 100
It just seems like the thing to do.  This year of living at 70 has made me reevaluate where I am and what I want to be doing for the next number of years.

I have not always done what ”everybody” does, even when I looked the part.  I went to college, got married and got a job.   The college degree is still on my resume but the other two parts didn’t last.

The original college degree resides on my resume alongside other degrees.  There have been additional marriages and more jobs that I can count.

Conversations with new acquaintances often start with “What do you do now or are you retired?”  They are asking “ what is your job or career?”   My response is often “you don’t have enough time for me to tell you.”

When I became competent at  my current  job, I discovered I needed more training or education to get better or to advance in the career field.  Additional degrees resulted.  Sometimes, after reaching competency, I realized I was bored and moved on to do something else.

Perhaps the explanation of my checkered path is undiagnosed ADD or ADHD.  Before those terms became part of the common lexicon, I would describe myself as either a dilettante or someone who just couldn’t keep a job.

The reality is probably somewhere in the explanations in the previous paragraph. There were certainly times when I would try to figure out a single path that I could get on and stay on.

There were also times when I would be depressed about my seeming inability to “settle down.”

However, my experiences were broad and varied.  I began to appreciate each and every opportunity to try something challenging, to visit different places, to meet new people.  Settle down became something for other people.  

An opportunity to sell advertising crossed my path.  I have always loved newspapers and this job was selling newspaper advertising. I had limited sales experience, but my enthusiasm for the paper itself resulted in reasonable sales success.

I am fascinated by the ways business works and often doesn’t work successfully.  Advertising is a critical element in propelling any business.  It is fun to help a business get its message to potential customers and then see that business thrive.  For several years, I have been hooked on selling advertising in several forms both print and digital.

Enter the spectre of boredom mixed with the semi-panic of turning 70.  Hiking the 2190 miles of the Appalachian Trail just seems like the perfect antidote.

Follow me on this journey.