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How to live to 100 (and beyond)

How to live to 100 (and beyond)    The purpose of this website is to chronicle my journey to at least age 100.  Nothing happens by accident. There is much to learn from others who are also on this same journey. Perhaps the best way to learn how to live to 100 is to...

Live Long and Live Well – The Hat Trick to Happiness

The Hat Trick to Happiness The tag line of Destination 100 is Live Long Live Well. It sounds good, but what does it really mean?   Most of us would like to live for a long time. We could probably easily come to a consensus on a range that we would consider a long...

Find a Corner to Hangout

Find a Corner to Hangout

Jon Arbuckle, Garfiled’s human is reading the newspaper. His eyes looked startled. “Yikes,” he exclaims, “the world is nuts.”


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  • Part 1 – Ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elit
  • Part 2 – Phasellus malesuada nibh
  • Part 3 – Feugiat ipsum facilisis finibus ornare.

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