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Ivory Tickled | Destination 100
James Ivory won his first Oscar a few months before his 90th birthday.  No, this was not an honorary or lifetime achievement Oscar.

This was a competitive Oscar for adapted screenplay for “Call Me by Your Name.”  He had been nominated three times for directing. The 90th Academy Awards was the charm time for the almost 90 himself, Ivory.   

With the win he is the oldest competitive Oscar winner in academy history.  

Do you think you are “too old” to learn a new skill, get a job, get a degree, advance in your career, travel, start exercising, increase your fitness level, start biking, hiking, running, scuba diving, mountain climbing, write a book, go on a safari, sail around the world, or win an Oscar?  

When Ivory sat down to adapt the novel Call Me by Your Name to the screen, he may have doubted his ability to translate the words to the screen.  But the Academy Awards thought he did that better than anyone else in 2017. The award was for “the best,” not the best done by someone of a certain age.

What we do and what we can do are  limited only by our own beliefs.  What makes you think you are “too old.”  

Baby boomers didn’t trust anybody over thirty.  We thought we were the first generation that wouldn’t get “old.”  Oops, the youngest boomers (born in 1964) are turning 54 this year.  Guess we need a different criteria than chronological age.

A friend of mine shared with me that she wanted to become an attorney.  “But, she said, “I have a full time job. It will take me several years to complete an undergraduate degree at night.  I may not be able to get in law school…..and anyway, I would be over forty before I could complete this.”

“In 10 years you will be over forty no matter what you do.”  I replied.

Today she is not only a licensed attorney, she has a masters in maritime law.  She was hired to her dream job. She is the executive director of a foundation which deals with the preservation of sea life.  

What do you fear? The voice in your head that keeps telling you that you can’t do something gives you an excuse not to stretch your mind, your body and your limits.  

If your destination is 100 years old, or beyond, its time to get out of your chair, dust off yesterday’s dreams, put on those walking shoes and go for a walk.  

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