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International Women's Day #PushForProgress | Destination 100

International Women’s Day is supposed to recognize the social, political, cultural, and economic achievement of women.  The first IWD was started by the suffragettes and was celebrated in 1911.

Women are 50{403e4a77550cf3c56db1b2da96d15a0ef3e1f57760e689917a813560078c1861} or more of the world’s population.  However in 2018, we are still looking for gender equality or gender parity. We have come a long way, but we have a long way to go. The theme for 2018 is #PushForProgress  

Today it is hard to comprehend that women in the U.S. have been able to vote for only 98 years.  Sometimes we take for granted what should be our divine granted rights.  We hold almost any job we want. We can get as much education as we want.  We own and control our own property, assets and bodies. It has not always been so.

Recruiters visited my college.  I attended a highly respected university where the graduates were recruited for jobs with prestigious companies.  These jobs offered exceptional starting salaries and benefits.

Did I mention that these recruiters spoke only to men?  Women were specifically excluded. When I signed up with a company to interview for a job in human resources, I was asked, not politely, to leave.  

My college degree was worth less than that of my male contemporaries.  Really? I had attended the same classes, met the same rigorous requirements and been graded on the same criteria.

What might my life have been had there been more professional equality?  Fortunately fewer women will no have those questions in the future.

Yes, I could use the hashtag #metoo. The recent #metoo movement has brought to the fore that despite our advances, we still operate in a male dominated society.  The oppression, discrimination, harassment that almost every woman has suffered and continues to experience can make you unhappy and bitter.

The poet George Herbert said “Living well in the best revenge.”  #PushForProgress in 2018 and join me to live long and live well.  

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