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I Haven't Been Everywhere, But It's On My List | Destination 100

How did I get here?

This blog is my attempt to understand and chronicle what has brought me to the adventure of through hiking the Appalachian Trail.  The start date is March 2017. When I made the decision in May of 2016 to do the hike, March seemed to be a long way in the future.  

Walking 2100+ miles from Georgia to Maine is a massive physical undertaking.  My thought process was to consider whether I have the stamina to make the trip. Reading, studying, and talking to people who have done the trail, attempted the trail or done parts of it I now realize I have already started the adventure. The preparation, financing and logistics of the undertaking are almost overwhelming. The days are counting down quickly.  You know, the old “time flies.”

Cutting Edge

My running partner in the late 1970’s was an IBM engineer who was assigned to the team that developed the first IBM personal or desktop computer.  She was sworn to secrecy and never breathed a word as we sweated our way around the streets of Atlanta.  

She invited me to the introduction of the machine to the public.  I never miss an opportunity, so of course I was there when IBM unveiled what was to become ubiquitous in all of our lives.  At the time, I had no understanding of what I was seeing.  This was the first machine to have a PC-DOS operating system.  In other words, it was the first machine to incorporate a MicroSoft operating system.  Bill Gates went from here to become the world’s richest man. A year later I purchased an IBM Desktop.

Friends, colleagues and  strangers stopped by my office to see and frequently comment in a negative manner about the purchase.  Others were fascinated. It was not the first or last time I made controversial choices.  The hike is the latest.

I usually carry a small (approximately 5 ½ “X 7 ½ “) notebook. My preference is to choose one with a saying or quote on the front.  One of my favorites was, “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”  The store had two copies.  I bought both.

If you would like to follow my progress before the trail, the hike itself and what happens after, please sign up to receive my blog posts.  The trail may be bumpy, but it won’t be boring.