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Find a Corner to Hangout

Jun 11, 2019 | Aging, Healthy Living, Living Well, Mindfulness, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Jon Arbuckle, Garfiled’s human is reading the newspaper.  His eyes looked startled. “Yikes,” he exclaims, “the world is nuts.”


Garfield, lounging against a wall with a steaming cup (coffee”) in one hand (paw) and Pooky (teddy bear) in the other, declares “not my corner of it.” It often feels as though the squirrels should have an easy time stashing enough nuts for the winter.


There is so much happening and so much information that it can be impossible to process what really matters.  Are there 22 or 24 or more people running for the Democrat Party’s Presidential Nomination? Do you know Cuba is no longer open for tourists?  Was the most recent mass shooting a disgruntled employee?


Cruise ships are now prohibited from visiting Cuba.  The ban is complicated and arises from a U.S. concern about Cuban military in Venezuela.  Two friends had their vacation plans cancelled.


One of the people killed in Virginia Beach was a childhood friend of another of my friends.  The gunman’s motive doesn’t assuage the pain.


How many running to run?  How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?  Same importance.


The six degrees of separation from the things that make us say “Yikes!” are not always quickly visible.  They are always there.


Today I choose to be in Garfield’s corner.  I’m grateful for a cup of coffee and a bird perched on top of my tomato plant singing his heart out.  The world is not “nuts” in my corner.


For even a moment, find your corner and hangout.