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About Us

Live Long Live Well

Destination  100


I am 70 years old.  Those are hard words to get out of my mouth.  I’m a baby boomer.  Yes, one of the oldest.  Perhaps I’ll be the first of my generation to turn 100.  There are only those born during 12 days in January 1946 who could make it before me.

I take care of myself.  I eat right, I exercise and I stopped smoking 35+ years ago. And I have great genes.  The women in my family have lived well into their late 80’s despite in several cases heavy smoking. One of my aunts lived to the ripe old age of 106.  She also smoked for many years.  

Everyone has a different idea of what constitutes young, old or middle aged, all terms used to describe various stages of our lives.  My life has been exciting, at least to me.  My outlook has always been; if I haven’t been there, I want to go. If I haven’t tried it, let’s do it!

The passing years have not dimmed my enthusiasm for the new, different or exotic. Learning  is in my DNA.  Technology fascinates me and I have been an early adaptor of all things digital.

I have always known that I would live to be at least 100.  I just didn’t expect it to get here so quickly!


Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire, encourage, model, and train others to live long and live well.

We do this through group and individual coaching, speaking, blogging and organizing community events.

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